The project will run from June 2019 to May 2022.
To make the challenges of the project tangible and workable, the project has been broken down in work packages with the following structure.
Requirements analysis
Inclusion of the requirements for food logistics and block chain applications.
Lead: HN
Modelling of a reference architecture
Development of a reference architecture model for the use of block chain technology in the food supply chain.
Lead: FIT
Development of the block chain platform
Development and provision of an operational block chain based platform to support the food supply chain.
Lead: PSI
Blockchain applications
Development of safety-promoting analysis and visualization applications based on the block chain solution.
Lead: FZI
Test and validation
Validation of reference structure, block chain solution and applications on real use cases.
Lead: fTRACE
Profitability and acceptance analysis
Analysis of economic and acceptance aspects when using block chain technology in the food supply chain.
Lead: FIR
Development of a demonstrator
Construction of a demonstrator for the representation of traceability based on block chain technology.
Lead: FIR