9th meeting online | 23.03.2021

On March 23, we arranged the 9th online meeting of the research project SiLKe. In the morning, we presented the current state of all running work packages to our project sponsor, VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH. An early running version of the SiLKe desktop application was presented live. The interaction with the first SiLKe smart contract was demonstrated in a video. The specification of two use cases for the SiLKe platform in food supply chains was fleshed out. These use cases will be used as settings for the main prototype to validate our project findings and prototypical implementations. In the afternoon, we updated our planned series of interviews with associated partners as well as public agencies in food safety based on our recent findings. Finally, we initiated the work package on profitability and acceptance analysis in a dedicated kickoff workshop.

8th meeting online | 09.02.2021

Our eighth project meeting on February 9th engaged a variety of topics. On the one hand, development concepts and substantiated planning schedules for the remaining project term were presented and discussed. The consortium designed and agreed on a comprehensive project schedule, including specifications of time-phased development states and milestones. On the other hand, the technical contents of the running work package 4 were spotlighted. More precisely, the consortium discussed the emerging concept for selective data permissions, which focuses on the logic of data clearance for both regular and emergency procedures while securing food and data integrity. Furthermore, the issue of digital representation of food security checks and responsible authorities within SiLKe was considered. To conclude the topics of the mentioned work package, the conceptual design of alerting rules for early notices of potential needs for action appeared on the agenda. At last, ideas for data input by associated partners, as part of the designated evaluations of the SiLKe blockchain system (work package 5), were presented.

Virtual project workshop | 15.12.2020

On the 15th of December 2020, the consortium and the associated partners of the research project SiLKe as well as other interested company representatives came together again for an information and project meeting. In addition to the presentation and discussion of the project and the progress of the last months, relevant input was developed in interactive workshops. Thus, important company requirements regarding the mapping of recalls and withdrawals could be included. In addition, the topic of cost effectiveness and acceptance analysis as well as a reliability index for supply chains were discussed. The results of the workshop were reviewed and discussed in an internal meeting of the consortium and included in the further work plan of the project.

We would like to thank all participants for their participation, interesting contributions and constructive suggestions!

Milestone & 7th meeting online | 30.11.2020

On the morning of November, 30, the digital milestone meeting for the project’s mid-term took place. In addition to the contributions by the individual partners of the consortium, the current state of work was presented here jointly in consolidated form. We are pleased to announce that the project executing organization VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH has declared the milestone scheduled for the halfway point of the project as passed and thus we are clear to continue the project!

In the afternoon, the 7th working meeting of the consortium took place, virtual as usual, which started with the discussion of the current state of the conceptual design of our comprehensive blockchain system. Furthermore, the kick-off of work package 5 was on the agenda, in which we will evaluate and test the SiLKe platform and related applications. Finally, the workshop with associated partners and other interested parties scheduled for 15.12.2020 was prepared.

6th meeting online | 18.08.2020

The sixth project meeting took place again in a digital way, which has become routine to our consortium and does not limit productivity. Concerning the use of a blockchain technology in food chains, important results have been presented and discussed. The project partners agreed on Hyperledger Sawtooth as the underlying blockchain infrastructure for SiLKe and on smart contracts, which may create benefits for the platform. These components were incorporated into the overall system architecture. Furthermore, the kick-off of work package 4, in which SiLKe applications with corresponding analytics and visualization components will be developed, was on the agenda. The results obtained in the last months form a profound basis for the upcoming prototypic implementation of the holistic SiLKe platform. We are already looking forward to the first versions to click and wow!

5th meeting online | 27.05.2020

On May, 27, a digital meeting of all project partners and the project executing organization VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH took place. First, all project SiLKe results obtained since last November have been summarized. The consortium thanks GS1 Germany for preparing and presenting a second white paper, dealing with transferring existing traceability procedures to a blockchain-based system. Afterwards, the project partners collected and discussed important aspects of handling sensitive data in a blockchain system, and the third work package was kicked off. To take the special working conditions of all participants into account, possible effects of the current Corona pandemic on the future progress of the project have been thematized. Regardless, all project partners push the development of the SiLKe-platform. We are looking forward to presenting the first executable results!

4th meeting online | 17.03.2020

The fourth meeting took place in the anxious times of physical distancing due to the Corona pandemic. Holding the workshop digitally did not stop the project partners from performing the next important steps with regard to the development of the SiLKe platform. The requirements analysis has been finalized and first results on a data model and on how to manage access rights and accounts have been discussed. A systems architecture needs to be well-conceived and we stay focused!

Publication Frischelogistik | Jan 2020

In the first issue of 2020, the journal ‘Frischelogistik’ introduced project SiLKe to its readers and provided us with the opportunity to publish first results. The article can be found here:

Enjoy reading!

Project workshop at ZDS | 03.12.2019 – 04.12.2019

On 03.12.2019, the SiLKe consortium, associated partners and interested agents from food supply and logistics companies came together at the Zentralfachschule der deutschen Süßwarenwirtschaft e.V. in Solingen. Under the heading ‘Requirements to a blockchain solution in food traceability’, the concepts developed in SiLKe have been discussed with regard to practical applicability and cumulated answers of the interviews have been presented. The results of the workshop have been summarized integrated into the ongoing work schedule by the project partners on 04.12.2019.

We wish to thank all participants for their interesting presentations, fruitful discussions and helpful comments!

3rd meeting at FIT | 26.11.2019

For the third workshop, the project partners met in Bonn at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology (FIT) together with representatives of the project execution organization. The meeting included the presentation of the current results and the kickoff of the second work package. The reference model has been finalized and the reference architecture, to be developed in the ongoing project, has been substantiated through subgoals and a common proceeding. Let’s work this out!

2nd meeting at fTRACE | 08.10.2019

Our partner fTRACE invited all partners for a meeting and discussions on the current results of the requirements analysis to Cologne. On the premises of GS1 Germany, the consortium got the chance to experience the latest innovations related to the digitalization of grocery shopping.

1st meeting at FZI | 06.08.2019

The first meeting in Project SiLKe held at the Research Center for Information Technologies (FZI) in Karlsruhe involved the concretization of the reference model, which serves as the basis to generically describe food supply chains and to setup a common vocabulary. Additionally, we discussed data requirements of a digital SiLKe platform with regard to traceability, risk analytics and targeted alerting and started with the preparation of a questionnaire concerning existing internal traceability systems and data sharing for associated SiLKe-partners.

Kickoff meeting | 12.06.2019

On June 12th, the time had come! With the official kickoff meeting, we started Project SiLKe with drive and the spirit of innovation. Representatives of all seven project partners, the project execution organization (VDI) and two subcontracted companies came together at the Institute for Industrial Management (FIR) in Aachen, Germany. After going through the organizational setup in the morning, workshops with discussions on the first work package, the requirements analysis, took place in the afternoon.