Project Partners
Seven project partners from research and industry work together in this project and bring different perspectives to the consortium through their different expertises.
The Institute for Industrial Management FIR is a non-profit, intersectoral research and educational institution at RWTH Aachen University concerned with business organization, information logistics and corporate IT with the aim to establish the organizational basis for the digitally integrated company of the future.
The institute provides research, qualification programs and lectures in the fields of service management, business transformation, information management, and production management.

The FZI Research Center for Information Technology is a non-profit institution for applied research in information technology and technology transfer. Its task is to provide businesses and public institutions with the latest research findings in information technology. The FZI is an IT innovation hub in Baden-Württemberg. Application research with reliable knowledge and technology transfer is the core business and competence of the FZI Research Center for Information Technology.

For about 30 years now Fraunhofer FIT has been conducting R&D on user-friendly smart solutions. About 200 researchers work in interdisciplinary teams and and support companies in digitization, Industry 4.0 projects and IoT solutions. Further fields of application are blockchain technology, life science informatics, cooperation and innovation management in combination with mixed and augmented reality applications, and energy.

With currently more than 14,000 students, the Hochschule is one of the largest and most efficient universities for applied sciences in Germany with locations in Krefeld and Mönchengladbach. Its Department of Oecotrophology is known throughout Germany for the highest quality of research and teaching in the fields of food science and nutritional science, thus linking technology and society.

fTRACE GmbH is a company of GS1 Germany GmbH. The company offers solutions for a transparent and secure value chain. The core of its portfolio is the traceability service fTRACE, a web-based solution that enables batch-accurate traceability based on static and dynamic data. Transparency, security and trust are the core benefits. The scalable fTRACE service is based on GS1 standards and can be used globally for all industries, target groups and product categories.

PSI Logistics has been successfully developing software systems in logistics for over 50 years, especially in the fields of airport, warehousing, transport and supply chain planning. Postal companies like the Swiss Post, logistics service providers such as FIEGE, Zufall, as well as producers including Bosch, Daimler and Würth, use PSI solutions for both daily and strategic logistics tasks. In the research project, PSI Logistics contributes in particular the knowledge and competence for the control and planning of transport systems, which can be optimised according to different and complex parameters.

QINUM designs, innovates and digitalizes business processes. We develop future-oriented applications within which we individually combine intelligent business logic, data analytics, process intelligence, mobile apps, IoT and sensors, cloud-services, communication technologies and data security. Process design, engineering, the choice of technology, integration, data integrity and quality management do always interact. Our software solutions are deployed in various industries, such as logistics, automotive, aviation, machine engineering, retail, personnel management and health care.

QINUM-Website (in German)
Subcontracted Partners
It started with a simple beep. In 1974, a barcode was scanned in a supermarket for the first time. The machine-readable GS1 barcode with the included GTIN is now the universal standard in global trade and is scanned on products six billion times a day. GS1's standards are the global language for efficient and secure business processes that span company boundaries and continents. As part of a global network, we work with our customers and partners to develop market-driven and future-oriented solutions. Today, two million companies across more than 20 industries around the world use that language to uniquely identify products, locations and assets to capture relevant data and share it with business partners. GS1 – The Global Language of Business.

GS1-Website (in German)
followfood is driven by the vision of creating a more sustainable world of food. followfood and followfish are not just brands, but movements. For a change towards 100% ecological agriculture and 100% sustainable fishing. Based on the belief that changing minds towards responsible resource consumption starts with food.
For 10 years, followfood has been a pioneer of sustainability in Germany selling fair-trade-certified tuna, MSC-certified wild fish products and cultured fish from organic farming only. followfood stands for maximum transparency. A tracking code can be found on each package, with which every product can be traced back to its individual origin.

followfood-Website (in German)